Dev Factori is a Team of Superstars – Meet the Team

When developing an app, having the right team is crucial to success. Here at DevFactori, we only take on a small number of projects and we provide laser sharp focus on each one. Our goal is to provide you with the best developers, the best process, and have everything be collaborative. We don't just work for you, our goal is to be your partner throughout.

The Co-Founders

Usman Zubair



Usman has over 10 years of professional experience in leading engineering efforts for companies of all sizes; from innovative technology startups to large enterprises like Microsoft. Under his leadership, his teams have built SAAS systems, mobile/web applications and state of the art communications platforms. Prior to founding DevFactori in 2016, Usman worked as a software engineer at Microsoft, but he also has vast experience as a technical architect, business analyst and as a team leader of various core Microsoft Business Solutions.

Usman also is an avid book reader, a foodie at heart and a huge cricket fan; involved actively in the Northwest Cricket League out of Seattle, WA.

Faizan Zubair



Faizan is a passionate software engineer committed to realizing the power of the software industry. He is always on the lookout for new technologies and has a passion for developing more reliable and scalable software solutions. Prior to joining DevFactori as a co-founder, Faizan worked at VISA and he was the team lead for the VISA mobile team. He focused on providing a secure and user friendly mobile experience to merchants and small business owners. Under his leadership, the VISA mobile team delivered new SDK’s and mobile apps to enable small business owners to accept payments via their smartphones.

Faizan is a happy-go-lucky guy that always has a smile on his face and is often seen walking around the office whistling.

Our management team brings over 30 years of combined experience in the development field and oversees each individual project. We are a company started by developers and business professionals and quality and customer satisfaction are our main goals.

Our technical architects, business analysts, project leaders, designers and software engineers are all hand selected and are in the top 5% of their respective fields.


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