A Broad Spectrum of Services to Make Your Mobile App as Successful as Possible

Discovery Workshops

It is crucial to make sure that we are on the same page as you before we begin. We also have a lot of expertise to bring to the table with regards to business planning, user acquisition, and what works and what doesn't. We always sit down with our client's first, try to understand what they are trying to accomplish, what advice we might be able to give to enhance the application, and then move forward from there. We can customize a discovery session based on your needs. Our goal is to get your app to market success and the planning/discovery process is critical to a successful application.


One thing to keep in mind when it comes to mobile apps is that people buy products, not ideas. This is why we take design so seriously. Having an amazing UI/UX is critical to ensure that once someone has downloaded your app they have an amazing user experience. Did you know that 75% of all app downloads are deleted in the first 30 days? We want to ensure your users download the app, use it, and recommend it to a friend.

At DevFactori, we have a very stringent screening process before hiring any of our designers. Everyone we hire is super creative, has the ability to think outside the box and they all have extremely impressive portfolios.

Mobile App Development

First thing's first, this is an industry where you get what you pay for. There is a huge difference in quality when it comes to an app that costs 10k vs. 150k. We pride ourselves in having the best developers and offering our clients the best value and quality in the industry. All of our developers have the highest levels of certification and they all come to us with very impressive resumes.We' ve reached out to the best of the best and all of the developers that choose to work for DevFactori did so because they wanted to be a part of something special

Web Applications

We aren't just confined to developing mobile applications. Here at DevFactori, we also have the expertise to develop web apps as well as custom software. If there is something that you need developed, please reach out to us - we have no restrictions.

Maintenance and Support

Once you've successfully launched your app, you will need to have it hosted and supported. Every single software that has ever been released has had bugs. Don't worry, we're here to help! No matter what your support needs might be, we have the resources to ensure that your bugs are resolved quickly and you have the best support team in the industry.

"Our discovery sessions are tailor made to each client. We make the effort to understand your goals so we can help you achieve them!"

"At DevFactori, our goal is to be your partner throughout. We want to start with planning, move onto the design, then development and ideally work with you on versions 2 and 3. We're here for the long-term relationship!"


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